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Monday, March 31, 2008


Does God exist? Who and what is God? Is there scientific proof of the existence of God? What is the nature of the soul? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Is our fate pre-written and our destinies predetermined? How do we form a closer union with God to better to improve the welfare of ourselves, our society country and earth? The answers to these questions are within the texts of this book ‘THE SEED MASTER”, and “THE TRINITY OF LIGHTS, and we will explore this quest together. For I have written this book mostly from scenes I have observed on the spiritual plain and interpreted them from my own knowledge and experience. Hence, I am a student to my own writings since I am an observer, and not the source of the knowledge. What has come into my mind through inspirations and visions in the dream is what I have written. Unfortunately, in the spiritual realm, there are no dictations for one to write something, but you become a part of the scene of events, which you interpret. What is written by God becomes the life of the angel, and what is written by the angel, becomes the life of humans, what is written by humans becomes a book, a song, a movie, or a story and lessons of life.

It seems God was very active in the lives of individuals thousands of years ago, but this does not seem to be today. The bible is like the script of a movie, with God as the director of the movie. Like a movie there is the main actor, the secondary actor, extras, and many side effects. The movie that was made in the ancient times is what we know as the bible. The cast of the main characters are the prophets, the people, location of the filming are the various nations and cities mentioned in the bible. The endless drama of good against evil, positive and negative, good angels and bad angels were created deliberately by God that has set in motion an endless cycle and recycling of life, nature and the universe as a whole.
The bible is knowledge by example for a picture is worth a thousand words. The events in the bible are God’s way of teaching us the mystery about our selves, our human nature, and the world around us. The entire occurrence of events from Adam & Eve to Christ was set up by God to teach us about our own selves and the nature of God.

We cannot explain why we are here, but at least we can have an understanding of who we are. We cannot explain why God exists, but we can have an understanding of the role of God in our lives and in nature. We cannot explain how angels came to be, but we can have an understanding of their role in the universe. For now that we know we are here on earth, understanding our own nature, the role of God and the angels in the vast scheme of life, is the guiding light that keeps the journey of life going forward.

Freedom of choice brings about a choice between good and evil. We will find it impossible to bring an end to evil, just as it is impossible to bring and end to good. It is impossible to bring an end to light, just as it is impossible to bring an end to darkness. It is impossible for electricity to exist if there were no positive and negative polarity. It is impossible to have sunrise, if there was no sunset. Good and evil have always been, for the angels and demons were created according to the negative and positive polarity of life. It is our choice to choose which and what we want in our lives whether peace or war.; whether joy or misery, whether weeping or laughter. Freedom of choice is ours to make, let us make good use of our will and freedom to choose. Evil will not cease to be, but it is our choice to deny it a place on earth. Pain will not cease to be, but it is our choice to choose happiness.

The tear in the eye will not cease to be, but it is our choice to choose tears of laughter. Death will not cease to be, but it is our choice to exercise our will to want to live. Harmony and chaos exist side by side like twins from the beginning of time, and just as Michael and his angels fought satan to drive them out of heaven, we can choose to fight evil off the face of the earth to a place of no man’s land.

Just as a gardener plants seeds in the earth, which grow to become the flowers, fruits and vegetation, so it is that our God is the seed master that plants universes, suns, stars, and planets in the empty dark cosmos. What he plants in the darkness exists as lights of the earth and of the sky.
The gardener waters the seeds of the plants to make them grow, so it is that our God waters the seeds of the earth with rain to cause life to grow and exist. The seed master is the care taker of our lives on the planet and elsewhere. The seed is the beginning from which all else springs. The seed is that which becomes the flower and the fruit. The seed is that which become the giant tree of the forest. The seed is that which becomes human life, the fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea. The seed is a planet, a star, a sun, a moon, on which life dwell.
He who owns and created the seeds is the seed master. He who created souls and the spirits is the seed master. He who created flesh out of the dust is the seed master. He who appointed time to begin and time to end is the seed master. He who created seasons is the seed master. He who created joy and misery is the seed master of joy and misery. He who set this first seed of existence into motion and caused it to be, is the seed master of all. The seed master is God, the one and only. Arise all ye citizens of the earth, arise all ye angels, and salute the SEED MASTER.

The SEED MASTER, is the second volume of THE TRINITY OF LIGHTS; and is a compilation of four books in one. These books are “THE SEED MASTER”, “POEMS OF INSPIRATION & POEMS OF WISDOM”, THE BOOK OF PSALMS”, THE BOOK OF GAMES BY KEN NUNOO”. The section of the book of the seed master is organized into three degrees and levels of hierarchy. The three degrees are levels of hierarchy of teachings structured for the proper advancement of the aspirant of spiritual knowledge and growth. The first degree is the degree of “THE FIRST FLAME”; which begins with a definition of God, then analyzes the components of the definition and extracts references in the bible to offer a scientific proof of the existence of God. It is in this section that the code of faith is examined correlated with the bible code (genesis) , in the book “The Trinity of Lights” to offer proof of the existence God. To talk about God, we first need to have proof and establish the existence of God. The seed has to be first planted for the tree to grow.

Within the degrees of the flames are various rituals, practical healing techniques, spiritual cleansing and divination methods. The degrees of the flames are practical application of various spiritual methods for daily living on a personal level for an individual, an organized group such as a church, or a lodge. In this section of the flames step by step guidelines are provided on how to set up a temple, the altar, and the rituals of initiations.

In the degree of the flames the personalities of the Hebrew alphabets their genders are explained. A method is offered to be able to determine the gender of a being such as an angel from the gender of the letters within that name. This method has never been known to man and is the first time introduced in this book.
The personalities of the Hebrew alphabets similar to those used in tarot divination are given in the degree of the flames. The personalities were obtained from vision by causing the manifestation of the presence of each of the Hebrew alphabet into a dream vision on separate days , and I wrote about the personality as observed in the dream vision.

In the degree of the third flame the ANGELS OF TRANSFORMATION, and the HEALING ANGELS are introduced. How they work through children and adults to transform our lives and heal are explained.

The book of “Poems of Inspiration & Poems of Wisdom”, are several poems that are inspiring and applicable to our daily lives. Some of the topics are “marriage is unity”, “change is a necessity of life”, Hope for a better tomorrow”, “the irony of riches”, “the enemy of my enemy”, “the preservation of life”, “faith”, “the power of love”, “the lord is my healer”, “the lord is our warrior”, and many more.
“The Book of Psalms” is a compilation of all the original psalms from the bible re-written to add keywords of divine names wherever appropriate to give them force and power. This approach is unique and original and surely gives power to the psalm. Psalm 151 was written by me as the last of the psalms in the book.
“The Book Games by Ken Nunoo”, are games that are similar to Tic-Tac-Toe. They have been called KIC-KAT-KEN, KEN-KAN-NOT-BET, KEN-LOVES-ME-KEN-LOVES-ME-NOT. In Tic-Tac-Toe, the grid has to be redrawn each time the game begins, and consumes a lot of paper. The new games use nine, twenty five, or forty nines grids which are drawn only once.

Author : Ken Nunoo
No of Words: approximately 91,839
No of Pages: approximately 435
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