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Monday, March 10, 2008


Marriage is a unity between two people
It is a decision that should be made by choice
For the free will and consent of both participants
Are necessary for the union of the two
Marriage is unity

The number one is the number of marriage
Where there were two people
They unite to become as one
Two minds united as one mind

To unite two separate things as one
A common bond has to exist
That unifies the two people
For the two are originally separate individuals

It is not easy and simple
To unite any two things together
For two people, with two different personalities
With two different aspirations and hopes
With two different goals
To come as one, with a single objective
Is not an easy task

It is impossible for two people
To desire the same things
It is impossible for two people
To want to eat the same thing
It is impossible for two people
To want to drink the same thing

It is impossible for two people
To continuously want to watch the same movie
It is impossible for two people
To continuously like the same music
It is impossible for two people
To continuously want to be at the same place at the same time

With all these obstacles
Why then do we aspire to marry?
Keeping in mind that marriage is unity
Unity at all levels

There is a way around these impossibilities
It is truly indeed impossible to be someone else
If only we will be aware of the fact that
Physical union at any level is impossible
Live and let me live is the rule of life

To overcome all these impossibilities
Each individual must recognize their separate existence
Not to attempt to mold and shape
The other person to our own liking

What the other person is by habits
Is what you accept
What you see is what you get
If the person is fat
Accept the person as fat
Do not try to change the person to be slim

Physical union is impossible
But mental union is possible
For the whole idea of unity
Is a state of mind
Love is mental, and not real.

One can mentally choose to accept something
And we can mentally choose to reject something
Love is a state of mind
Love is a mental idea
Love is not tangible
It is a conglomerate of expectations

Marriage must allow freedom of choice
Marriage must allow freedom of expression
Marriage must allow individuality
Marriage is a mental acceptance of the other
Marriage is a tolerance of each other

To agree to marry
Is to agree to accept the other
Regardless of their short comings
For who are you?
to think that you are better than the other.

When an individual lacks the ability to freely be
When they lack their freedom
Their happiness is taken away from them
Lack of happiness, compels a dissolution of marriage

Do not blame the other for your own faults
Do not accuse the other of your own deceit
Do not rob the other of their own desire to be
Lack of individuality, compels a dissolution of marriage

If one cannot express themselves freely when they are married
Why would one choose a prison over freedom
Would you want to live in a cage?
Or would you rather want to have freedom of choice
Lack of choice, compels a dissolution of marriage

If one has to give up their friends for marriage
If one has to give up their carrier for marriage
If one has to give up their joys for marriage
Then what good is marriage
For the person is not making progress in life

Marriage should be the other way around
Not for one to give up what they have
But rather the other adds what they already have
Bringing into the marriage more of themselves

When you buy a house
You get it with all the roaches and the rats therein
Marriage is similar
Everything the other posses
Becomes a part of each other’s life
Accept them if you will

But if you choose to marry
Be ready to accept them than reject them
Be ready to add other person’s burden to your burden
Be ready to work for one another

Two people may unite
Not only with the thought to reproduce
But you must be willing to assist each other
Financially, physically, and mentally

Life is a harsh road
The road to paradise is lined with obstacles
You may come across many challenges in marriage
But keep the principle of unity in mind

If marriage life is less progressive for you
Then by all means go your separate ways
Life is a try and error
You cannot choose correctly all the time
And do not blame yourself
For your lack of fore sight

Human beings change with time
What you married today
May be different a year from now
If it does not please you
Accept it or reject it
No condition is permanent

Nothing last forever
Accept also that your marriage may dissolve
Therefore, do not shut the doors everywhere
Thinking you have a permanent sure thing
Life have unforeseen expectations
Be prepared to go on with your life alone

If you bare a children, be prepared to raise them
The child you have brought into this world
It your duty to take care of
What you create is your burden
The earth is a burden of God

Be prepared to be a single parent
Whether male or female, it may become your task
Unforeseen adventures, may shutter your relationship
The hand of destiny itself
May even call other for a higher duty

Dissolve your marriage without war
Dissolve your marriage without killing one another
Dissolve your marriage without hate
Do not shut the door permanently
Making enemies out of people, that were once lovers

Forgive one another of each other’s faults
Forgive and forget and move on
A lasting grief or hatred does you no good
Do not let the sorrows of the past
Rob you of the joys of today and tomorrow

Do not start to do things
That you know you cannot do indefinitely with time
Set a pace, such that whatever you do
Each of you can continue indefinitely
Moderation here is the rule

The pace at which the relationship starts
Is what the other person will always expect
Do not buy each other presents every week
If you cannot afford to do so indefinitely
Moderation is the rule of life

You two must not go out dancing every week
If you two cannot maintain that pace indefinitely
You two must not make love every day
If you two cannot make love continuously, indefinitely
Moderation is the rule of life

You two must not go to the movies every weak
If you two cannot maintain that pace indefinitely
You two must not go out dinning every week
If you two cannot go out dinning every week indefinitely
Moderation is the rule

Variety is the spice of life
Introduce continuous change of environment
Change of place of entertainment
Randomize anything and everything you do
Randomization creates continuous variety and change
Randomization removes the element of expectation

Monotony creates boredom
Boredom is a result of repetition
Human nature desires variety
Human nature desires change
Change is the spice of life

Give each other freedom to be and become
By allowing the other to be free
You give freedom to yourself
Stop babysitting one another
Grow up as adults that can be responsible

Women be proud of your husbands
Give him recognition for his achievements
Give him praises for his work
Give him support for what he does

A man’s pride is the work of his hand
A woman’s pride and joy is her family
What a man accomplishes by the work of his hands
Is what the man takes pride in
The children are the pride and joy of the woman
So know where to give praises and recognition

Do not soak each other’s mind with promises
Promises not delivered feels the same
As having had something and lost them
Do not make promises you know you cannot keep
Flattery is good, but be sincere in your praises

Let truth be truth
Speak your mind freely
Be yourself at all times
Refrain from hypocrisy and pretensions
In the end the shade of illusions will fade
And the true nature of things will be revealed

Honesty is important in a marriage
Loyalty is important
But freedom of expression
Must go hand in hand with honesty and loyalty
A word spoken can not be taken back
A stab with the tongue, cannot be patched

The house of marriage is like a country with a government
One person must be elected as governor of the house
Whether it be the man or the woman
That decision of choice is between the two of you

Cut out the selfish attitude
Life cannot revolve around you alone
Life cannot revolve around one person in the house
Each has a role to play in the team
Marriage is team work

Children obey your parents, where necessary
Do not hesitate to question your parent’s decision
Reason with your parents
Often they know better by experience
Often their choices and decisions are better for you

Parents recognize your children when they grow
Know that the times change
With change comes adjustment of behavior
With change comes, changes of our social structure
With change comes, changes of personalities and needs

Parents, therefore give an ear to your children
Prevent them from causing harm to themselves
Guide them, but refrain from controlling them
Counsel them, but don’t judge them

Boys, cut the bad boy attitude
Girls cut the “I am all that attitude”
Refrain from your petty jealousies
Keep harmony at home
Keep harmony at school at all times

Be yourselves at all times
Refrain from the copy cat versions of life
If a person dresses in a certain way for their comfort
There is no need to dress like the, or talk like them
Be who you are, not some one else.

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