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Friday, March 14, 2008


Is the enemy of your enemy your friend?
Is the enemy of your friend your enemy?
Is the friend of your enemy your enemy?
Is the friend of your friend your friend?
No, some say to all these
Yes, some say to all these
The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Is the enemy of your country your enemy
Is the friend of your country your friend
For friends they are today, enemies they become tomorrow
For enemies they are today, and friends they become tomorrow
So where do we as citizens of the country stand today?
Where do we as the mass population of the nation stand tomorrow?

If my ancestors are citizens of a country abroad
If that country were to be at war with ancestral nation?
Whose side becomes our enemy?
Which nation is our friend?
For they fight my ancestral blood
Should I lift up weapons against my ancestors?
Should I make an enemy of my ancestors
Should I destroy my own kind for a foreign country?

Blood is thicker than water
Wine is stronger than water
Stones do not bleed, but flesh bleeds
Stones do not cease to exist, but flesh can cease to exist
The enemy of my enemy is not always my enemy
The enemy of my country is not always my enemy
For in the end the blood of my beloved is my blood

If God were to take sides in war, can he choose
If God were to make enemies of men, can we live?
If men are to continually make war against each other?
Which nation will be last one standing?
Which human soul will say glory, for the other nation no longer exist
If a country were to be turned into a desert wasteland
Will that comfort the warmongers?

Live and let me live is the rule of the land
If a thief were to break into my house
Should I offer him a seat and a drink?
If a knife were put to my throat
Should I bless the intended killer’s children
If an army were to rise against my country
Should I praise the strength of their weapons
He who strikes the first blow is an enemy
He who offers food and shelter is a friend

He who draws first blood, is an enemy
He threatens our rights to live is an enemy
He who persecutes us for their pleasure is an enemy
He who breaks into our house like a thief is an enemy
He who steals our belongings is our enemy
He who attempts to take from another by force is an enemy
Our enemies are within, and our enemies are without

Can you look at my face to say I am an enemy
Can you look at my smile and say, I am your friend
Can you say I am your friend for we share a common religion
Can you say we are friends for we share a common blood
There are no fine lines or boundaries
A friend today, enemies tomorrow
Enemies today, friends tomorrow
Life is not cut and dry with a fine line dividing one from the other

Judges be considerate in your decisions
Governors make peace and not war
It is better to be a friend with nations that to be enemies
For in any fight, even the strongest will shed their blood
The weakest, do not die without taking a few of the strong with them.

Every life is valuable
Every tear shed counts in the raindrops
It took nine months for the woman to bear that child
If took a village to raise that child
Let them die of natural death, rather than die from war

Some nations compete in war like it is a game of sports
The lives sacrificed in the games of war are human lives
The flesh is not clothes you put on or can take off
A wound is not a hole in the pocket to be patched
Pain is not pleasure of eating of ice cream
It is better to have laughter than misery
We as citizens of the earth, deplore war
We as citizens of a country, deplore war
We as children of God, deplore war.

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