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Friday, January 18, 2008


No condition is permanent
Everything changes with time
Not even a rock remains the same
Not even gold remains the same
For change is a necessity of life

There are no absolutes
Everything is in motion
Motion causes constant change
Change is a permanent factor of life
For change is a necessity of life

We may desire change for a better country
A change for a new direction
of hope for our future generations
A change to improve our standard of living
For change is a necessity of life

We may desire a change to improve the welfare of our society
A change to improve the economic standards of our country
A change to provide food to countries that are starving
A change to embrace each other as brothers and sisters
Regardless of race, gender or religion
For change is a necessity of life

Change can take place outwardly
Change can take place inwardly
Change can take place both outwardly and inwardly
But real and a lasting change can only come from within
For the father of change is the God within

Evolution requires constant refinement
Change and evolution or devolution go hand in hand
We cannot evolve without change
A change in our mental attitude
Can certainly bring about a change in our environment

The pendulum of change was set in motion from the beginning of time
Time does not stand still
Neither does change stand still
For time and change are intertwined in the pendulum of life
Who can stop time ?
Who can stop change ?
The voice of the people, is the voice of God
Change is a necessity of life

With change comes evolution
The evolution of the mind is a goal of change
The regeneration of the minds of our youth
With new thoughts, and ideas that embrace unity
To know that each is a brother’s keeper
That in the end we are all human
Regardless of genders, race or creed
Is a slogan of change

A man is a man whether tall or short
A woman is a woman whether fat or slim
A child is a child regardless of race
God remains the same regardless of our religious belief
A change in the old ways of thinking, must give place to the new

No one person has all the answers to life
But within the unified mind of the many
Are many solutions to life’s challenges
Mind has no skin color
Mind is not limited by gender
Mind is not confined to age
Mind in its desire to be, causes change
And the mind of change can be anyone

Listen to the mental voice of the speaker
Rather than his or her skin color
Pay heed to the mind of the writer
Regardless of the gender
Pay attention to the voice of the mind
Regardless of its age

The source of all change is our God the divine
For the creator set this life in motion
God works in mysterious ways
For the one that may bring peace in your conflict
May be an unexpected voice of mind
Which knows neither race, gender, or creed

Change is an attribute of motion
Motion is an attribute of mind
Life is an attribute of mind
It is mind that causes changes in our life

A change of heart may kindle or dissolve love
A change of government may change the economy of a country
A change of mind, may change the heart
A change of mind, may change a government

Do not fear change
Do not fear what you have never seen
For how else can you step out and forward
We must be ready to embrace change anytime
For no condition is permanent
Not even for the rock of ages

Technology changes so rapidly that we can hardly keep up
By the time one device is introduced
Another one of a different kind follows
Change reminds us that mind is ceaselessly bringing new ideas
Change is a necessity of life

We have seen the old ways of things
Though there are times past that were glorious days
We may sometimes wish the past can become the present
Unfortunately, the law of change does not permit that
Evolution, brings about change
Whether good or bad
It is a part and parcel of life
Whether we like it or not
It will come to the door uninvited

Customers buy merchandise from stores
Then return them a few days later
Cause they changed their mind
It is fairly acceptable, no questions asked
You have to take back the merchandise
You have to refund their money
A change of mind is a factor of life

Step up boldly into the unknown world of change
Our youth grows so rapidly
It may only seem yesterday when you held a baby in your arms
But today he/she stands taller than you
Change is rapid these days
And do not be frightened by the new things it brings

You may say to yourself
I like things the way they are
You may say to yourself
I do not like things the way they are
Whether you like them or not
Change will come about anyway
So stand still if you want
The child will grow to become a man or woman with time

Time causes changes
Mind causes changes
Our human nature causes changes
Our need to adapt to change itself causes changes
Change comes whether we are ready or not

Change is like a thief that breaks into your house
It comes unannounced
Like a thief, through a window it may come
Like a thief, through a door it may come
Like a thief, through a roof it may come
Come it will, for its nature is change

You may shut your doors tight
Change will make the effort to break in
You may fasten your windows tight
Change will make the effort to come in
You may leave your doors ajar
Change will come unannounced

Change does not ask to be invited into the house
When change comes into the house it brings its own chair
You do not have to offer it a seat
For it brings its own chair
It comes and seats in its own chair called “Transformation”
And announces new ideas of change
Whether you are ready for them or not
Change is a necessity of change

Variety is the spice of life
Change brings about variety
A change of clothes is refreshing
A change of food is appetizing
A new face is always welcome
Change is the spice of life

May the lord, guide our footsteps on the right path of change
May the lord, grant us wisdom to change for the best
May the lord, grant us understanding to accept change
May the lord, grant us compassion to change our hearts
May the lord, grant us the will to change our minds
May the changes to come bring everlasting peace

May the lord, grant us a change in our attitudes
May the lord, change our attitudes towards racial intolerance
May the lord, change us to unite us as citizens of earth
May the lord, remove the fear of change from our hearts
May the lord, grant us the patience of change

From the poem 'CHANGE IS A NECESSITY OF LIFE", within the book "THE TRINITY OF LIGHTS, VOL. 2"

written by Ken Nunoo
The Trinity of Lights

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