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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Arc, Compass & Ruler

The Trinity of Lights (paperback)

Think as if your every thought
will be etched in fire
accross the clear blue sky
for everyone to see

Speak as if every word
That comes out of your mouth
is either a knife or a cure
that can either wound or heal

Act as if your every act
will be a drama on television
for everyone to see

Think as if your every thought
will manifest as tangible things
for everyone to see

speak as if your every word
will be a voice on radio
for everyone to hear

Act as if for your every act
There are eyes watching your every move
And there are hands recording your every act
That will become the book of your life

What we sow in the mind
is what we reap
What we sow in our speech
is what we reap
What we sow in our actions
is what we reap

I came across a desease
that calls itself cancer
I asked it how it came to be
And it told me someones's evil thoughts
brought it into existence

I came across two nations at war
I asked how this war started
I was told, words of misunderstanding
was the cause of all this bloodshed

I came accross two cars collided
wrecked in an accident
with the passengers wounded and dying
I asked how this came to be
I was told the careless drunken actions of the driver caused it.

We must measure our thoughts, with an arc
As if they are tangible things
we must measure our speech, wth a compass
As if they can start wars
We must measure our actions, with a ruler
For they can cause death

The Trinity of Lights (paperback)
written by Ken Nunoo

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