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Monday, September 15, 2008


Ken Ahele Nunoo of Ghana, author of spiritual books and music, was born on Saturday August 11, in the 20th century. In the 21st century Ken Nunoo fused together mathematical science, spirituality, and music to offer scientific proof of the existence of God. Ken Nunoo discovered the names of God ELOAHUM, YAHWEH in the musical scale of the piano through a code he invented, which is now known as THE CODE OF FAITH. He used this code to decode the biblical texts and came up with the formula BERESIT = 77 = LEMINEHU = 77 = ELOAHUM = 77 = EMANUEL=77 = CHRIST = 77. This formula means Christ is Emmanuel, Emmanuel is God, God is the Seed, The Seed is the Beginning.

Ken Nunoo is author of the spiritual books “The Trinity of Lights”, “The Seed Master”, “La Semilla Maestra, as well as composer of many musical compositions.
Ken Nunoo invented “THE CODE OF GENDER”, a formula that associates gender to the Hebrew alphabets to be able to determine the gender whether masculine or feminine gender of the names of God in Hebrew and of the angels. This code is explained in the book “The Seed Master.

Ken Nunoo re-wrote the meaning and personalities of the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabets from a different perspective and angle. These personalities give us insight into our human nature, and of divination. These are further explained in the book “The Seed Master”.

Ken Nunoo invented the formula MIND = SQUARE ROOT OF (SOUND SQUARED + LIGHT SQUARED). This formula explains that mind is dependent on sound and light. This topic is elaborated in the book “The Trinity of Lights. Ken Nunoo introduced and designed the crosses of the seven days of the week, associated with the day of the week a person was born. These are known as: THE CROSS OF SUNDAY, THE CROSS OF MONDAY, THE CROSS OF TUESDAY, THE CROSS OF WEDNESDAY, THE CROSS OF THURSDAY, THE CROSS OF FRIDAY, THE CROSS OF SATURDAY.

Ken Nunoo created the group known as THE SEED MASTERS, in 2008. This group focuses on doctrines of those individual men and women that have planted original seeds of spiritual doctrine on earth that has flourished into modern day religion, philosophy, and spiritual organizations on earth.

Ken Nunoo re-wrote the entire book of psalms to insert names of God into appropriate places to give them more force and power. Ken Nunoo invented a new versions of tic-tac-toe known as kic-kat-ken, ken-kan-not-bet, ken-loves-me-ken-loves-me-not, these games have a spiritual significance and application which later generations may discover in the future.

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