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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hope is a flame within the heart
That must be kept burning
To keep us going forward
To keep us alive and awake
To keep us focused in our direction

Hope is the sunrise of the new day
That makes us get up and get going
That tells us today is another day
Tomorrow lies in the hope of tomorrow

Hope is the wind that blows from the east
The wind that travels with the sunlight
The wind of expectation of something new
The wind that tells us awake dear friend
For the wind of hope come

Hope is the water of life
That when thirsty we yearn to drink
Yet our thirst is quenched for a moment
In another hour or so we yearn for more
Hope is never satisfied with one drink

Hope is fire on fire
To keep hope alive
It must be fanned with air
The governor of hope is our God divine

Who can capture hope into the pocket
Who can say tomorrow cannot be
Who can make the sun stand still
Who can stop the wind from blowing
All these are driven by the God of Hope

Hope keeps a man alive
Without hope there is no point in living
Expectation of things to come
Keeps the mind alive
Hope keeps us alive

To hope in things to come is a form of daydream
Daydream we must, for our imagination is our world
Relish in your fantasies if you will
For what is in the mind is all you have
Hold on to your dreams of aspirations
And hope for a better tomorrow

Keep the fire of hope burning always
To cease to hope is the cease to be
Hope is an integral part of living
To live, one must have hope

How else will the tree want to grow
For what reason will the sun want to shine
Will it rain, if not for hope ?
Will the wind blow, if not for hope ?
Hope keeps nature alive

Hold on to hope
Like it is your shadow
Fasten hope to your waist
And do not let it go
To loose hope is to cease to be
Keep hope alive

From the poem "HOPE FOR A BETTER TOMMORROW", within the book "The Trinity of Lights, vol. 2", by Ken Nunoo

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